Margarita Emerald Ring 0.60

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    Margarita Emerald Ring 0.60

    Margarita Emerald Ring 0.60

    Margarita Sapphire Ring 0.60
    If you are looking for a sapphire ring with diamonds as a gift, for a special celebration, or even as an engagement or anniversary ring, the sapphire Margarita blue stone rings are ideal for a modern, urban and contemporary woman.

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    If you are looking for an emerald ring with diamonds as a gift, for a special celebration, or even as an engagement or anniversary ring, the emerald green Margarita stone rings are ideal for a modern, urban and current woman, especially if you are looking for a type ring to wear every day.
    For generations, diamond and emerald rings have been chosen to seal love, and that is why at Nicols de Madrid jewelry we have been manufacturing emerald rings by hand in our workshops for more than three generations. With a unique and timeless design, its classic rounded lines have made the collection of emerald rings with a diamond border Margarita a sure hit, which is why today they are one of the best-selling round green stone rings.
    Handmade in our Madrid jewelry workshops in a sustainable way, we can adapt and personalize them in a few days. This Margarita diamond ring model has an emerald of approximately 0.60 carats, which together with its classic and comfortable ergonomic ring adapts to all types of fingers, making it an ideal ring to wear every day.
    On the other hand, since we don't want you to make a mistake and since size is important, at Nicols jewelry we offer you the possibility of giving away a standard size one and once you get the YES I WANT! We adapt it to her finger in three days for free, so she can have the perfect size and wear it daily.
    The engraving of all our engagement rings is included in the price, and remember if you have any questions about engagement rings and especially the Margarita white gold engagement ring model with an emerald of approximately 0.60 carat, contact us or Come visit us at our stores in Madrid.

    Emerald Ring MARGARITA 0.60

    Technical Sheet
    Emerald Daisy Engagement Ring 0.60 NICOLS.
    Made in Madrid.
    Ring with a round central stone surrounded by a border of diamonds set with little claws below, which highlight the center of color.
    Made in white gold and brilliant-cut diamonds weighing 0.30 carats and with a round green emerald central stone weighing 0.60 carats in round multifacet.

    Data sheet

    Jewels Category
    Precious Gems
    White Rhodium
    Carat Diamonds ct.
    Quilates Otras Gemas ct
    Jewell Material
    White Gold 18kt

    Worried about getting the wrong ring size?


    We offer a free size exchange if you order a standard size for Nicols rings for the first time within 60 days of delivery.

    Recommendation: Choose a Standard or Average Nicols Ring Size


    How to use the sizer

    Firstly, we recommend choosing a standard size. This size is intended for you to gift it, and once gifted, she will choose the finger, hand, and therefore the finger size on which she wants the ring. We have sent you a sizer, and you can see how to measure a ring finger with this sizer by clicking here. At that moment, get in touch with us via email at [email protected], specifying the order number, size, and the address, day, and time close to when you want us to pick it up. On that day, we will come to collect it wherever you specify. Remember to wrap it securely. Once we collect it, we will change the size, and in less than 10 days, you will have it back at the same address adjusted to the size you requested.

    What is the average size?

    The size of your ring depends on multiple factors, such as the shape of your finger, your weight, and how you would like the ring to feel on your finger. The average ring size for most women is between size 12 and size 14. For men, it is generally between size 20 and size 22. If you don't know your ring size, don't worry, we can help.

    If you don't know your ring size, you can use one of our free tools to find your ring size: 

    Ring Size Chart: If you need a quick reference, click HERE to print our ring size chart and follow the instructions to calculate your ring size. 

    Authenticity Certificate

    Proud to Manufacture in Spain

    Three generations of Spanish jewelers have perfected the art of creating jewelry in the artisan workshops and jewelers of Madrid and Spain since 1917.

    The Only Jeweler that Integrates the Entire Process From Mine to Heart

    Jewelry made in Spain with Love.


    This is how an Engagement Ring is made in Madrid

    Selection of Precious Stones
    It begins with the careful selection of the finest gems, ensuring exceptional quality and brilliance. Nicols travels to mines to find the best stones at the best prices.

    Custom Design
    Collaboration to create a unique design that reflects the style and love story of each couple.

    Centennial Craftsmanship
    Skilled artisans with over a century of experience apply traditional techniques with precision and dedication.

    Manual Shaping of Gold or Platinum
    Each piece is meticulously handcrafted, shaping the metal with attention to detail.

    Setting of Precious Stones
    Application of specialized techniques to highlight the beauty and security of precious stones.

    Rigorous Quality Control
    Each ring undergoes strict quality control to ensure it meets standards and expectations.

    Elegant Delivery
    The unique masterpiece is delivered with care and elegance, emphasizing its sustainability in Spain.

    This is how Wedding Rings are made in Spain

    Custom Design
    We work hand in hand with you to devise a unique design that captures your style and tells your love story.

    Made to Measure
    Tailored to the exact size of your hand and finger.

    Manufactured in Madrid in 10 days.
    The average manufacturing time for our wedding rings is 10 business days. If you need them urgently, we can manufacture them with an additional charge.

    Centennial Craftsmanship
    Our expert artisans, with over a hundred years of experience, apply traditional techniques with precision, dedication, and a deep knowledge of the craft.

    Manual Shaping of Gold or Platinum
    Each piece is meticulously shaped by hand, molding 18kt Gold or Platinum with meticulous attention to detail.

    Setting of Precious Stones
    We apply specialized setting techniques to enhance the beauty and security of precious stones.

    Rigorous Quality Control
    Each ring undergoes strict quality control to ensure it meets our standards and exceeds your expectations.

    Elegant Delivery
    Finally, your wedding ring, a unique masterpiece, sustainably created in Spain, is delivered with all the care and elegance it deserves.

    At Nicols Joyeros Artesanos, we merge tradition and innovation to create sustainable wedding rings that are not just jewelry but also lasting testaments of love and exceptional craftsmanship.

    At Nicols Joyeros Artesanos, we merge tradition and innovation to create sustainable jewelry that is a lasting testament to love and exceptional craftsmanship in the heart of Spain.

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    All products are sent with their original box and papers.

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