At Nicols we work with the most prestigious international watch brands, that is why we want to guarantee our customers an exceptional after-sales service with the official technical services of these brands, so your watch will be touched by true professionals.

Change quartz watch battery

The battery life ranges from two to six years. Most quartz watches, with a second hand in the center, have an EOL battery end of life indicator. To indicate that the battery is running low, the second hand begins to jump every four seconds; This happens approximately two weeks before the battery needs to be replaced.


The tightness of a watch is essential to protect it from external agents such as dust or moisture, so it is essential to have an annual check to ensure its optimal operation. Make sure the crown and push buttons are closed and in the correct position to prevent water from entering.

Revisions and greasing without fittings

It is important from time to time a small review to ensure that our watch is in perfect condition. These reviews are usually quick and do not require fittings.

General Review

Any watch requires a complete set-up consisting of 20 performances on the watch. These are the main ones:

  • Initial test to define the status of the clock.
  • Restoration of the case and metal bracelet according to the original specifications (polishing, finishing, satin, etc.)
  • Tightness recovery.
  • Disassembly and washing of the movement in individual parts. Repair or replacement of any part of the defective movement.
  • Total arming of the mechanical watch and fine tuning of precision in accordance with brand standards.
  • 24-hour check that the accuracy and cadence are stable.

Restoration and modernization

Change of Sphere, search of boxes, design bracelets …

For a personalized service or more information you can contact our PERSONAL ADVISER.