jewelry for women

Are you looking for an exclusive gift? Do you want to treat yourself to that unique jewel for a woman as special as you? Do not look any further. At Nicols we have more than a century of experience in the art of goldsmithing. We have been designing and making our own women's jewelry since 1917.

Handmade jewelry for women

Necklaces, pendants, rings, wedding rings, bracelets, earrings... A wide collection of jewelery made with noble materials and accompanied by precious stones of the highest quality.

Custom and Original Jewelry

Are you looking for original jewelry for women different from the rest? At Nicols we are not like other jewelers. We have our own artisan workshops in Madrid. They are where the magic happens. We transform simple ideas, embodied in a paper sketch, into authentic treasures. Likewise, we offer you the opportunity to wear or give a jewel made exclusively for you.

We have personalized jewelry for women, born from our 3D design department. Our tradition as artisan jewelers is not at odds with the latest technologies. For this reason, we offer you a jewelry customization service with which you can see the final result, before the piece has been manufactured. Do you dream of a very special engagement ring? Do you want to have the earrings that you have seen in a magazine? Or recover that pendant that your grandmother wore in an old photo? At Nicols everything is possible. We present you a very extensive set of jewelry for women, with a multitude of pieces to choose from.

We help you choose or design the perfect women's jewelry for her.

We are aware of the difficulty of making such a personal and sentimental decision. At Nicols you will never be alone. Our team of highly qualified professionals will accompany you to give you personalized advice. You only have to fill out a small form and in a short period of time we will answer you to confirm the appointment. As simple as that. Listening to our customers is precisely a quality that has allowed us to grow knowing the tastes of those who love jewelry as much as we do.

Don't settle for the usual and take a look at our selection of modern jewelry for women. Unique pieces made by hand in Madrid and made with the best noble materials and precious stones. A process that is born in the most remote mines around the world, where our team of jewelers travels with the aim of selecting the highest quality gems: topaz, sapphires, diamonds, rubies, emeralds, amethysts, etc. Once in Madrid, we work each piece by hand, through the manual shaping of metal. An artisan process with which jewelry items have been manufactured since ancient times. This laborious technique includes, in turn, other operations, such as casting, drawing, rolling, forming, machining and welding, among others.

Gold jewelry

Do you want to wear a gold woman's jewel? Do you want to surprise this person who is so special to you with one of our diamond jewelery for women? At Nicols we have what you are looking for and at a truly amazing price. Exclusive women's jewelry that you can buy in our online store or in any of our five jewelry stores located on Madrid's Golden Mile.

Jewelry Made in Madrid Spain

Bespoke, personalized or newly created jewelery for women. All of them, created under a meticulous control of all the phases of creation of the pieces, to ensure that they meet all the standards of a Nicols jewel. Because for us each piece is unique. An object where the deepest feelings are kept, together with the spirit of luxury and exclusivity that every jewel must house. Do not miss our catalog with more than 4,000 items available and discover the sensation of wearing handmade women's jewelery in Spain.

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Diamates Sapphires Ring SEAL SQUARE

    Diamates Sapphires Ring...

    Sapphire and Diamond Ring SEAL SQUARE Nicol. Made in white gold and diamonds and baguette deep misty size and baguette-cut sapphires. In Blazo...
    Price $7,160.89
    Diamates Rubies ring SEAL SQUARE

      Diamates Rubies ring SEAL...

      Ruby and Diamond Ring SEAL SQUARE Nicol. Made in white gold and diamonds and baguette deep misty size and rubies in baguette. Rubies and diamanetes...
      From $7,251.76
      Price $7,251.76
      MADONNA Solitaire Engagement Ring

        MADONNA Solitaire...

        MADONNA Solitaire Engagement Ring Nicol. Solitario, 80´s-style, with center stone in round four claws embedded in arm with edges and round body....
        From $7,033.66
        Price $7,033.66