Nancy Engagement Ring White Gold (18Kt) with Diamond 0.10-0.50ct

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    Nancy Engagement Ring White Gold (18Kt) with Diamond 0.10-0.50ct

    Nancy Engagement Ring White Gold (18Kt) with Diamond 0.10-0.50ct

    Engagement Ring NANCY White Gold (18kt) with Diamond

    The Nancy engagement ring has a rounded ring that adapts to all types of fingers and a setting of four straight claws, full of light that makes it a perfect engagement ring to wear every day.

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    Nancy White Gold Engagement Ring (18kt) with Diamond 0.10-0.50ct


    If you are looking for a traditional solitary engagement ring with the stone held high, Nancy engagement rings are perfect to highlight the light and size of the diamond.


    Handcrafted in our workshops in Madrid for three generations, the classic Nancy white gold engagement rings allow you to mount diamonds in brilliant or round cut. Withan elegant round arm  and a crown of four straight claws  that protect the stone making this model one of the best choices for women today.


    Nancy four-claw engagement rings are handcrafted in white gold in our jewelry workshops in Madrid in a sustainable way, so we can adapt and customize them in a few days to your tastes and lifestyle.


    The Nancy Hand Order Ring has a strong ring that fits all types of fingers and a light-filled four-claw setting that makes it a perfect engagement ring to wear every day in any size of stone, from 0.05 carats to 1ct.


    As the size of the marriage ring is important, in Nicols we offer you the possibility to give a standard size and once you get the YES I DO! or the I LOVE IT! We adapt it in three days to her finger for free, so she can have the perfect measure and wear it daily.


    The recording of all our engagement rings is included in the price and if our customers want to have a unique experience and be part of the creation of their ring they can with our help record it themselves to have an unforgettable memory.


    If you have any questions about engagement rings and especially the Nancy white gold engagement ring model, contact us or come and visit us in our stores in Madrid.



    NANCY WHITE Gold (18kt) Engagement Ring with Diamond



    99928394911 for solitaire with diamond weighing 0.10 carats.

    99928395011 for diamond solitaire weighing 0.15 carats.

    99928395111 for diamond solitaire weighing 0.20 carats.

    99928395211 for diamond solitaire weighing 0.25 carats.

    99928395311 for solitaire with diamond weighing 0.30 carats.

    99928395411 for diamond solitaire weighing 0.35 carats.

    99928395511 for solitaire with diamond weighing 0.40 carats.

    99928395611 for solitaire with diamond weighing 0.45 carats.

    99928395711 for diamond solitaire weighing 0.50 carats.


    Technical Sheet_ Solitaire Ring perfect for Engagement and Ordering.

    Made in Spain, manufactured in our workshops in Madrid, by NICOLS

    Jewelers Madrid 1917.

    White gold 18 k (750), with white rhodium treatment.

    Setting of four claws, high, and arm in slide.


    Data sheet

    Precious Gems
    White Rhodium
    Jewell Material
    White Gold 18kt
    Nicols joyeros Madrid 1917 is proud to be one of the few artisan jewelers who crafts jewelty with love in Spain to commemorate the most beautiful moments in people's lives.

    Thanks to our know-how and workshops in Madrid we can create and personalize with love handmade engagement rings and alliances; any other tipe of jewel. 

    Discover how a handmade engagement or engagement ring is made in Spain.

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