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Platinum Solitaire Engagement Rings


Are you looking for a Platinum solitaire ring with great value for money? At Nicols Jewelry we manufacture and personalize, with Love and to measure, solitaire engagement rings in platinum and diamonds or precious stones for all budgets.


Platinum Solitaire Engagement Rings made in Madrid


Platinum Solitaire Engagement Rings are today one of the best options if you want the ring to last a lifetime and practically do not need any maintenance except for some cleaning from time to time.

Platinum solitaires are not rhodium plated but they must be polished from time to time because although the popular belief is that platinum is harder than gold, this is not the case on the scratch or mosh hardness scale.

Leaders in Platinum Solitaire Engagement Rings

Platinum engagement rings became fashionable in the United States and today they are chosen by thousands of lovers.

At Nicols we have not only been manufacturing platinum solitaires in an artisanal and sustainable way in Madrid for generations, but we also travel the world in search of high-value precious stones. We go to the heart of the most remote mines, in order to locate the best sapphires, diamonds, amethysts, topazes, etc.

The result cannot be other than a unique catalog of solitaire rings for women. All of them different so you can choose the one that best suits your personality and tastes.

For all these reasons, today we are a leading brand in rose gold solitaire engagement rings.

 Custom Platinum Solitaires


If we are different from other jewelers for something, it is because at Nicols we can make any jewel you have imagined a reality in just one week. We design fully personalized platinum and diamond solitaires for you thanks to our jewelry workshop in Madrid.


Do you want to commit to a platinum and diamond solitaire ring manufactured in Spain and Sustainable?

In our workshops in Madrid we sustainably manufacture solitaire engagement rings to seal love.

Throughout history, platinum solitaires with diamonds for women have symbolized commitment and fidelity, and with the help of major international jewelry brands, they have become the true stars of any engagement. Their simplicity as well as their beauty make them perfect for all kinds of couples. From the most traditional to the most modern.

Platinum Solitaires with great Quality, Cheap and Economic Price


Solitaire engagement rings are pieces made up of a platinum ring with a stone, usually a diamond, set in the center.

As at Nicols we are manufacturers and we integrate the entire manufacturing process of platinum engagement rings, from the mine to the heart, we offer a great quality price and a wide range of possibilities and prices, so that you can find cheap rose gold solitaires that adapt to your possibilities and budget, that we offer you the opportunity to choose between different sizes of diamonds and types of gems, such as sapphires, rubies, topazes and tourmalines, among others in various colors.

And also all kinds of gem cuts such as brilliant cut diamonds, emerald cut diamonds, princess cut diamonds or heart cut diamonds.

Let yourself be advised by our team of highly qualified professionals in any of our five stores in Madrid.


We help you find the perfect platinum solitaire engagement ring


Our expert jewelers will be able to solve all your doubts without any kind of commitment. This is another of the things that makes us unique in our trade. And it is that we are a jewelry with a long tradition of craftsmanship, but with a young and innovative spirit. Thanks to lovers like you, we continue to grow as fine jewelry professionals.


Discover Platinum and Diamond Solitaires in Madrid Spain


Don't hesitate anymore. Nicols Jewelry is a benchmark in the national and international jewelry scene. Visit our catalog with more than 4,000 pieces of jewelry and you will discover the perfect solitaire engagement ring for her, and if you have any idea in your head, tell us so we can make it a reality.

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Frida Engagement Ring Platinum with Diamond 0.10-0.50ct
  • New

Frida Engagement Ring...

Frida White Gold Engagement Ring   (18kt) with Diamond 0.10-0.50ct   If you are looking for a simple and...
Desde Price €2,710.74
Nicole Engagement Ring Platinum with Diamond 0.10-0.50ct

    Nicole Engagement Ring...

    Engagement Ring NICOLE Platinum with Diamond The Nicole Platinum Hand Proposal Ring has a strong ring that fits all types of fingers...
    Desde Price €2,851.24
    Jackie Twisted Platinum Engagement Ring with Diamond 0.10-0.50ct

      Jackie Twisted Platinum...

      Platinum Jackie Twisted Engagement Ring with Diamond 0.10-0.50ct   If you are looking for a platinum and solitaire diamond...
      Desde Price €1,892.56
      Charlotte Platinum Engagement Ring with Diamond 0.10-0.50ct

        Charlotte Platinum...

        This Charlotte NICOLS engagement ring is the perfect gift for an ideal engagement. Solitary, with round stone set by six thick claws and tall,...
        Desde Price €2,380.17
        Platinum Jackie Engagement Ring with Diamond 0.10-0.50ct

          Platinum Jackie Engagement...

          This Jackie NICOLS engagement ring is the perfect gift for an ideal engagement. Solitaire, with a round-shaped central stone set in four claws...
          Desde Price €2,842.98
          Alexia Platinum Engagement Ring with Diamond 0.10-0.50ct

            Alexia Platinum Engagement...

            This Alexia NICOLS engagement ring is the perfect gift for an ideal engagement. Solitaire, revamped vintage style, round stone set in six...
            Desde Price €2,991.74
            Katherine Platinum Engagement Ring with Diamond 0.10-0.50ct

              Katherine Platinum...

              This Katherine NICOLS engagement ring is the perfect gift for an ideal engagement. Solitaire with round central stone set in four claws, arm with...
              Desde Price €1,785.12