Platinum Wedding Ring

Platinum Wedding Rings

Do you want to get married with platinum wedding rings handmade in Spain and totally personalized?

Nicols offers you the possibility of wearing beautiful platinum wedding rings made to measure in our workshops in Madrid, in just one week.

Our history goes back more than a century, when the first generation of goldsmiths in the family was born. Today, we continue with the artisan jewelery tradition that characterizes us, to which is added the young and innovative spirit of a new generation of jewelers. For this reason, we can say that we are your artisan jeweler since 1917.

Looking for a platinum wedding ring designed for you? Platinum jewelry is booming due to its magnificent properties. And it is that we are facing a noble metal with a melting point higher than that of gold. This gives platinum a unique structure, strength and ductility. A platinum wedding ring is for life. This pure metal does not rust and it is almost impossible to deform it. In addition, at Nicols, we work each piece individually, so that each jewel is different from the rest. You will have a platinum ring at the best price and handcrafted in Spain. To do this, we use a technique with which jewelery has been made since ancient times. We are referring to the manual shaping of the metal. A laborious process that requires experience, as well as many hours of work. Thanks to this method we can achieve the desired shape and appearance through handling, casting, stretching, rolling, shaping, machining and welding, among others.

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SIBILA Platinum Wedding Band

    SIBILA Platinum Wedding Band

    SIBILA NICOLS Wedding Band. Platinum gold alliance ring, in a thick, SOLID square shape, with widths to be selected by the client from 2mm to 5mm....
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    Price €867.77