Red Stone Earrings

Red Stone Earrings

For thousands of years, women and men from all over the world have worn stone earrings. Desired for their rarity, but also because they are a symbol of love, passion, power, and vitality, hence the most sought after, purchased, and gifted colored gemstone earrings.

Perfect to wear every day if they are short earrings, and for more special occasions if they are long, red stone earrings are a demonstration of eternal love and passion, and an amulet of strength for the person who wears it.


At Nicols we have been creating red stone earrings in our artisan workshops in Madrid for more than 100 years, which is why we have a large selection of gold earrings with red stones designed by hand to dazzle.

Red Rubi Earrings

We look for red precious stones on all continents, from Burma where we find the best rubies, the queen of red stones, or Cambodia where we buy the famous ruby ​​of the night, to Tanzania, Mozambique or Madagascar where we buy tourmaline and red spinel , or the coral of the Mediterranean waters. All these stones have something in common besides their color, they are symbols of love and power capable of overcoming the passage of time.


The most used red gemstone in our necklaces is ruby, although we can make earrings with any other stone on request.

Red tourmaline Earrings

Among the red stones, ruby ​​earrings are the most in demand and recognized for their brilliance, color and light. For this reason, giving an 18kt gold earring with a red stone is always a great option for a loved one, especially if they are ruby ​​red earrings.

Are you looking for a gold and red stone earrings to give as a gift?

Perhaps a red ruby ​​earring for that special someone? Or perhaps give yourself the whim of wearing a coral or red trumaline earring that you have been dreaming of for a long time?

At Nicols we offer you a design department for 3D gold or platinum earrings. Because we understand that tradition is not at odds with new technologies. Moreover, its use is complemented in such a way that we are capable of projecting any piece of jewelry, so that you can see the result before it is even manufactured. It does not matter where you have seen that gold and red stone pendant that you love so much. In our workshops in Madrid we will make your dream come true.


How is a unique red gemstone earring born?

Through a carefully studied manufacturing process. At Nicols we always use noble materials such as gold and platinum and precious stones of a high quality price.

Our team of jewelers travels across the five continents in search of the most beautiful red gems or gemstones in the world: the Ruby of Burma, the Ruby of the night, the red tourmaline, the spinel... Red gemstones that fly from the most remote to the heart of our customers.

You have highly qualified professional jewelers at your entire disposal and willing to listen to your questions or suggestions. Because making a difference in the jewelry sector means always working with the will to listen to our customers.

This allows us to continue growing as jewelers, while satisfying the needs of those who place their trust in us.


We have for you more than 4,000 products available on our website. We are a benchmark in the national and international jewelry scene.


Red gemstone earrings capable of evoking feelings of love and friendship that echo in eternity. Unique pieces of handmade jewelry as a symbol of distinction and luxury.


Have you chosen your red stone pendant?


Get in touch with us or go to our stores in Madrid.

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Coral Diamond Earrings RED VELVET 11X8MM

    Coral Diamond Earrings RED...

    Coral Oval Diamond Earrings RED VELVET NICOLS. Central Red Coral in oval shape of 9x6mm, 11x8mm with the complete border, with brilliant-cut...
    Price $2,643.46
    Coral Diamond Earrings RED VELVET 12MM

      Coral Diamond Earrings RED...

      RED VELVET NICOLS Coral Diamond Earrings. Central Red Coral in a 10mm round shape, with brilliant cut diamonds on the border. Skewer and butterfly...
      Price $3,364.40
      RED VELVET Coral Diamonds Earrings 11MM

        RED VELVET Coral Diamonds...

        RED VELVET NICOLS Coral Diamond Earrings. Central Red Coral in a round shape of 9mm, 11mm with the complete border, with brilliant-cut diamonds on...
        Price $3,017.28
        HOOP gold earrings

          HOOP gold earrings

          HOOP gold earrings. Earrings inner body gold thread by passing nine balls garnets. Manufactured in yellow gold and garnets 5mm.
          Price $293.72
          Garnet Earrings 3.50ct White Gold SUNSET OVAL

            Garnet Earrings 3.50ct...

            Garnet Earrings 3.50ct White Gold SUNSET OVAL NICOLS. SUNSET earrings, made with an oval nozzle. This earring has a central red garnet stone,...
            Price $2,590.06
            TRILLON Garnet Earrings

              TRILLON Garnet Earrings

              TRILLON Garnet Earrings. 18kt gold earrings with a 6mm trillion cut triangular dark red garnet stone, fastened by a rear chain and solid 18kt gold...
              Price $364.92
              Coral Diamond Earrings RED VELVET 15X12MM

                Coral Diamond Earrings RED...

                RED VELVET NICOLS Coral Diamond Earrings. Central Red Coral in a round shape of 13x9mm, with a border of 15x12, with brilliant-cut diamonds on the...
                Price $3,505.03
                Coral Earrings A RED ALL

                  Coral Earrings A RED ALL

                  Red coral earrings A RED ALL Nicol. Shaped earrings branch with several leaves. Made of natural coral branch red leaves inlaid with yellow gold....
                  Price $881.15
                  Nicol Flowers

                    Nicol Flowers

                    Nicol earrings. Pedientes occasion flower petals formed by four stones, setting in pavé and bezel. Made in 18kt white gold, garnet 19.05qt, diamond...
                    Price $2,447.65
                    Diamond earrings Coral CABOCHON

                      Diamond earrings Coral...

                      Diamond earrings and Coral CABOCHON Nicol. Media criolla resealable pressure pendant with cabochon center stone with border, setting in pavé. Made...
                      Price $6,087.97