The value of handmade jewelry. Each of our jewels is the result of a careful and meticulous creation process. We integrate the elements of jewelry art, from the design of the sketch on paper, to the setting of the precious stones. The objective of covering the entire jewelry production chain is to guarantee the quality of the final product, carrying out a thorough control over each phase; while we retain the know-how of the different trades that jewelry requires. Thanks to this advantage, at Nicols we can adapt to the particular needs of each client, offering absolute flexibility and a high degree of experience in the sector. This very handmade process makes us actively contribute to the conservation of the art of jewelry in Madrid. The main phases of the process are:

1. Search for raw material

In Nicols we use gems or precious stones of excellent quality, carefully chosen in the best mines spread across the 5 continents. Our group of experts, led by Daniel Nicolás, travels around the world looking for the most beautiful stones to offer them to our customers at the best price.

2. Design

The sources of inspiration of the Nicols jeweler are wide. Many of its collections evoke animal and plant nature, modern architecture, fashion trends, artistic trends from other times such as the Baroque and Art Nouveau, and fashion icons of the present and the past. The idea is reflected in a sketch that, later, is reproduced by computer. In addition, as a novelty, Nicols has incorporated 3D technology into the creation process, which helps the client to make the necessary changes before the piece is manufactured. If you want to know more, click HERE.

3. Manual metal shaping

Each Nicols jewel is unique and for its manufacture we use the manual shaping of metal, an artisan technique with which, traditionally, jewelry items are manufactured. It is a laborious process that requires many hours and experience. It consists in achieving the desired shape and appearance of the piece by means of heat and hand tools. The conformation includes a set of techniques and operations such as smelting, stretching, rolling, forming, machining, welding, among others.

4. Gem setting

There are currently two methods of crimping:

TRADITIONAL SETTING: This technique consists of fitting, adjusting and fastening the precious stones that we want to be attached to the jewel through claw, rail, pave, in jail or invisible crimp setting. MICRO CRIMPING: It's basically the same as the previous one but the master jewelers use special microscopes to work with the smallest gemstones.

5. Final details and delivery to the customer

This whole process is what makes Nicols unique and differentiates us from other national and international firms.

Consult our experts by clicking HERE, calling +34915776663 or going to our boutiques in Madrid.