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At Nicols jewelry we have been making religious medals by hand for more than a century in our workshops in Madrid. Are you looking for a Jesus gold medal made in Spain in a sustainable way? You are in the right place. We present a wide collection of medals of Jesus Christ. All of them, unique pieces born from the hands of the best jewelers. Our handmade jewelry tradition dates back to 1917, so more than a century of experience accompanies all our creations.

Whether you want a medal with the face of Jesus to give at a baptism or a communion, or if you are looking for a unique piece that represents your faith in Christ, at Nicols we have different models of Jesus medals made of solid 18-carat gold. and available in different sizes. All of our Jesus Christ medals are made using a craft technique known as manual metal shaping. This method was already used by ancient goldsmiths to create their jewelry. It is a laborious process in which many hours are used and through which the desired shape and appearance of the piece is achieved, through casting, stretching, shaping, etc. that we carry out with manual tools.

Enter our online store or visit one of our five jewelers located on Madrid's Golden Mile, to admire our gold Christ medals up close. We are the third generation of artisan jewelers who continue to work with the same passion and dedication, but with a young and renewed spirit. We travel around the world in search of the most remote mines from which we obtain the noble materials and precious stones with which we work. Also, in our workshops in the capital of Madrid we can manufacture any new piece of jewelry, from a piece that you already have, creating a new design, with the savings in the cost of materials that this entails.

Choose your favorite gold medal of Christ and you can enjoy a piece of jewelry with its own soul. Because at Nicols we attach great importance to the representation and feeling that each jewel has. We also have at your disposal a team of expert jewelers who are happy to assist you in any of our stores. Book your appointment through a small form and solve all your doubts, thanks to the advice of our artisan jewelers. Because our quality is not only backed by more than a century of experience, but also by the awards and recognitions that have made us a national and international benchmark in the fine jewelry sector.

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