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Nicols Jewelers - Matrimonial Coins Since 1917

In the mosaic of matrimonial customs, the exchange of matrimonial coins emerges as a deeply rooted tradition, holding a special place in the hearts of couples. At Nicols Jewelers, we are the custodians of this age-old ritual, seamlessly weaving it into the tapestry of modern love stories.

Matrimonial Coins A Symbol in Gold and Silver

Matrimonial coins, lovingly known as 'arras,' are not just ornamental. They're a pact, a tangible promise of prosperity and unity. Our collection features meticulously crafted sets of 13 coins, each signifying an enduring commitment, reminiscent of historical bonds and spiritual pledges.

 The Gold Standard: 18kt Gold Matrimonial Coins

Each 18kt gold coin from Nicols is a treasure, a slice of sunlit promise forged into a tangible vow. These gold coins, rich in heritage and glow, are created for those who cherish traditional opulence and unspoken elegance. They are not merely coins but heirlooms of purest 18kt gold, capturing the radiant soul of a union.

 The Silver Lining: Wedding Coins in Silver

Nicols' silver coins are the whisper of the moonlight in your palms, a symbol of clarity, and a beacon of hope. Crafted with precision, our silver coins mirror your pure intentions and bright future. Each coin is a silvered emblem, reflecting the integrity and purity of two hearts coming together as one.

Insured Shipping Across the United States and International Guarantee

Nicols Jewelers extends its heritage of trust and quality beyond borders. We provide insured shipping to every state across the United States, ensuring that your matrimonial coins are delivered with care and security. Accompanied by an international guarantee, our service promises peace of mind and satisfaction as you prepare for your most memorable day.

Find the perfect Matrimonial Coins with Nicols Jewelers

Let the whispers of ancient tradition speak through the timeless elegance of Nicols' matrimonial coins. Reach out to us for coins that symbolize the depth of your commitment and the breadth of your love. With insured delivery and an international guarantee, choose Nicols Jewelers for a seamless, assured, and celebrated start to your life together.

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Wedding Coins Yellow Gold Arras

    Wedding Coins Yellow Gold...

    Wedding Coins Yellow Gold Arras Reference_ 36910020086 Technical Sheet_ Wedding Coin arras, 13 wedding coins, each one engraved differently in...
    Price €3,380.00
    Wedding Coins Arras

      Wedding Coins Arras

      Wedding Coins Arras Reference_ 36910010086 Technical Sheet_ Wedding Coin arras, 13 wedding coins, each one engraved differently in silver....
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